So You Want to Remodel

5 Benefits Of A Tub-To-Shower Conversion

If you're looking to update your bathroom space and don't like the current setup, you may be wanting to hire a remodeling contractor to help out. A common project that many homeowners choose to invest in is a tub-to-shower conversion. This will get rid of the existing tub space and turn it into a shower. Not everyone uses a tub, so this may make more sense, but this also has many other benefits. Read More 

Maximize Storage In Your Kitchen By Working On Several Projects

If you make homemade meals on a regular basis, you may know whether the kitchen is lacking in storage capacity because you use lots of kitchen tools, small appliances, and ingredients. While you can make do with limited storage by keeping a smaller supply of ingredients and not using as many tools or small appliances, you may want to change this part about your kitchen. Maximizing storage is a goal that you can accomplish with help from kitchen remodeling. Read More 

3 Signs Your Home’s Roof Is In Big Trouble

Getting ahead of home roofing problems is a critical part of preserving the value of your house. Dealing with these issues, though, is rarely cheap, and that's why most folks want to know for sure that they need roofing services before calling on professionals. Keep an eye out for the following three signs your home's roof is in big trouble. Moss or Mildew Growing on It When a roof is working as designed, water should not stay on it for very long. Read More 

The Residential Window Replacement Guide For Energy Saving Renovations

When your home needs major renovations, window improvements might be first on the to-do-list. Replacement windows add real value to your home. There are many options for the type of windows to choose and improvements to invest in to get the energy savings you want from home renovations. The different ways that you can begin saving with replacement windows include choosing the right glass and other improvements. You may want to use double-pane glass and add insulation around the casings to stop air leaks. Read More 

Bring Life Into A Dated Bathroom With The Right Steps

While remodeling your bathroom can be a necessity when it's in rough shape due to years of minimal care, it can also be a great decision when you simply want to make the bathroom a space that you're happy to look at. If you've been eager to remodel your bathroom and are frustrated with the kind of condition it's gotten in, the following steps can help considerably in making sure that you can make the bathroom feel new again. Read More