Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen While Preserving Its Vintage Look

If you have a vintage kitchen, you may feel a little torn about the prospect of remodeling that kitchen. On one hand, you're ready for an update and some new features. On the other hand, the vintage look is charming, and you're not ready to get rid of it. Luckily, you don't have to choose. The following are some tips for preserving your kitchen's vintage charm in a remodel.

Choose painted cabinets

Painted cabinets—especially when they are painted some color other than white—have a decidedly vintage look. Since cabinets take up a good amount of visual space in a kitchen, they really set the tone for the kitchen's overall look. If you choose painted cabinets, your kitchen overall will maintain a vintage appeal even if you choose a few more modern options.

Opt for hardware with detail

Pay close attention to the hardware you choose for your cabinets and drawers as well as the light fixtures and outlet covers. Choose ones with plenty of detail, including tooling, floral patterns, or raised dots. Over the years, hardware has become a lot simpler and smoother, so choosing more detailed hardware puts your kitchen a step back in time.

Look for made-to-look-vintage appliances

Choosing appliances for your remodeled kitchen can be one of the biggest challenges. Old appliances may have the look you are after, but they're inefficient and prone to breaking. Modern appliances work well and are efficient, but they're usually smooth, sleek, and not at all vintage.  There are, however, a few companies that make faux vintage appliances. They're designed with the shapes and finishes seen in appliances a few decades ago, but with modern coils, burners, and insulation for similar efficiency as you get with standard modern appliances. This is likely the best choice for a vintage kitchen.

Plan on using lots of vintage accents

When you are choosing materials for the floor, counters, cabinets, and other elements, keep in mind that you can always add some smaller accents that bring the vintage look into better focus. For example, some checkered curtains, the right lampshade, and a vintage painting or two can make even a moderately modern kitchen look more vintage.

If you have a vintage kitchen that is ready to be remodeled, don't put off the remodel for fear of modernizing the space too much. As the ideas above emphasize, there are plenty of ways to maintain that vintage look. Contact a kitchen remodeling service for more information.