How To Pick A Color Scheme For A Kitchen Remodel

When you remodel a kitchen, you want every visitor to know that you've changed things. To instantly put your stamp on a kitchen remodeling project, you might change the color scheme. How do you pick a new set of colors for the kitchen, though? 

Assess the Kitchen

Foremost, you want to think about the kitchen's basic configuration. Is it large or small? Does it have little or plenty of natural light? You don't necessarily want a dark color scheme for a kitchen that's small and doesn't have many windows.

Build the color scheme around what you want to do with the kitchen. If the kitchen is small, a kitchen remodeling services contractor might recommend a lighter color scheme to open up the room. A darker color scheme could play well if you have a fairly large kitchen and want to make it look sleek and modern.

Pick a Dominant Color

It often helps to pick one color that you want to include for sure. A dominant color provides a starting point for subsequent decisions. It allows you to pick neighboring colors as you build out the new scheme. Also, it allows you to determine what the room will say. A strong color like orange or red can punch up the room's wow factor. You could mellow out the room with a dominant beige or white too.

Select Complementary Colors

Working outward from the dominant color, you can try several techniques for finding complementary colors. You might use near-complements, a scheme that employs neighboring colors on the color wheel. Opposite colors on the color wheel often play well too.


One big factor in any color scheme for kitchen remodeling effort is the level of saturation. Strong colors can make big statements. However, some folks find them overwhelming when strong colors are everywhere. Conversely, weakly saturated colors can feel boring. You need to find the right balance for what you're trying to say.

Bear in mind there are ways to integrate saturated colors without going overboard. A spot color can add oomph at a focal point while leaving the rest of the kitchen with a more subtle look. You might use a saturated color in the backsplash while sticking with more muted colors elsewhere.

Samples and Drawings

Finally, a kitchen remodeling services firm can provide samples and drawings. These will help you see how one version of the color scheme might play versus another. You can then select the scheme that speaks to your sensibilities.

Contact a local kitchen remodeling service to learn more.