Save Money On Your Kitchen Remodel By Swapping Materials

Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive. If you're like most people, you definitely want a new kitchen, but you need to keep your remodeling work on budget. Luckily, there are ways to do so without making huge sacrifices when it comes to your kitchen design or key features. Instead, focus on the materials you choose. The following material swaps can save you plenty of money on your kitchen remodel.

Swap Wood Cabinets for MDF Cabinets

Wood cabinets have long been the go-to in kitchens. However, they have become quite expensive over the past few years. The price of wood has gone up due to wildfires creating shortages. Plus, there is a lot of labor involved in making wood cabinets; many are still cut by hand. 

MDF is a material made from compressed wood fibers and resin. It can be made to look like wood, especially when painted. But since it is essentially made from waste materials and can be cut in bulk using factory machinery, MDF makes for less expensive cabinets. The more cabinets you have in your kitchen plans, the more you can save by swapping wood for MDF.

Swap Natural Stone Tile for Engineered Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring looks lovely in a kitchen, but it is also expensive. Cutting natural stone into perfect tile shapes is time-consuming and adds to the cost. You can buy engineered stone flooring for a lot less. 

Engineered stone flooring is made from smaller pieces of stone that have been compressed into tile shapes. It can look remarkably similar to natural stone and comes in a wide range of colors. Plus, engineered stone flooring often comes with the backing pre-attached, which saves your installers time. For you, that means lower labor costs.

Swap Granite Counters for Quartz Counters

Granite counters are stunning in a kitchen, but they are also very expensive. Cutting and transporting big slabs of granite costs a lot, and those costs get passed on to customers.

Quartz is an engineered stone counter material. It's made from resin and chunks of stone. You can find quartz counters that look almost identical to granite counters, but they cost a small fraction of the price. They're almost as durable as granite, too.

If you need to keep your kitchen remodeling costs down, look into the material swaps above. Reach out to a kitchen renovation contractor in your area if you would like to learn more about this topic.