How Can You Remodel Your Elderly Parent’s Bathroom?

If your elderly parent asks you to remodel their small bathroom in a way that makes it feel and look larger for them, you may wonder how you can do so in the best possible way. Although your situation may seem tough, you can meet your loved one's expectations with a remodeling contractor's assistance. Learn more about remodeling your loved one's small bathroom and how a contractor can assist you below.

How Does a Small Bathroom Affect Your Loved One?

If your loved one struggles to move around their small bathroom each day, they may encounter problems with their health over time. Bathrooms can be dangerous for older individuals, especially if they're at risk for falls. Your loved one's bathroom floor should be wide and spacious enough to support a slip-proof mat or towel. 

In addition, a small bathroom can make it difficult for your loved one to enter and exit their bathtub or shower stall safely. There should be enough space in the bathroom to keep your loved one from bumping into the walls or toilet as they enter or exit the tub or shower stall. 

If your senior parent's bathroom doesn't meet the criteria above, then it's time to remodel it.

How Do You Enlarge Your Loved One's Bathroom?

First, contact a remodeling contractor and request a visit to your loved one's home. A contractor will need to determine whether or not they can enlarge your loved one's bathroom without removing some of the walls and cabinets in it. If the walls take up too much space in the bathroom, a contractor may need to remove them in order to extend or increase the size of the room.

A contractor will also need to determine whether or not to replace your loved one's toilet, shower stall, and sinks. If the old structures will be too small in the new bathroom, a contractor may recommend you upgrade them for your loved one. You can take the opportunity to install a walk-in bathtub in your loved one's new bathroom. A walk-in bathtub combines the convenience of a shower with the safety of a bathtub.

You can also ask a contractor to install a raised toilet in your loved one's new bathroom as well. Raised toilets tend to be larger than traditional toilets. If your loved one struggles to use their current toilet, the new toilet may be a better option for them.

Learn more about remodeling your loved one's small bathroom by consulting a remodeling contractor such as Designing Women of Orange County today.