Tips For A Cohesive, Inviting Bathroom Design

Are you about to have your bathroom remodeled? Chances are, you want the end result to look cohesive and inviting. To achieve this result, you will need to select your materials and decor carefully. Of course, that advice is fairly vague, so here are three more specific tips to help you create a cohesive and inviting bathroom design.

Stick with a few colors

Decide on your color scheme before you start remodeling anything. And do your best to keep that color scheme simple. Choose just three or maybe four colors, and then select building materials and decor items in those colors. If you use more colors than this, then you risk the space looking overly complex and cluttered. If you only use one or two colors, then you risk the bathroom looking too monotonous. Light colors tend to work best in bathrooms because they evoke a "fresh" appeal and make a small space feel more open. If you want to include some darker colors, use them sparingly for accents such as hand towels or rugs.

Use a variety of textures

Blending smooth and rough building materials will make for a really inviting aesthetic. For example, if you use smooth tile for your bathroom floor, try using rougher stone tile for your shower walls. If you use a smoother material for the counter, look for a bathroom sink with more texture. You can also incorporate some softer textures, but in the case of a bathroom, that usually comes in the form of towels and maybe some rugs or bath mats.

Choose either rigid or smooth lines

Some bathrooms have a lot of right angles and straight lines. Others have a lot of curves, circles, and softer lines. Either option can work well, but for your bathroom to look cohesive, you really need to pick one or the other. Using a lot of rigid lines tends to result in a more modern, crisp look. Using softer, rounded lines lends itself to a more traditional look. Keep this in mind when choosing your other decor. For instance, if you use rigid lines, make sure you also select other types of decor that appear modern.

If you follow the tips above, your newly remodeled bathroom should appear more cohesive, inviting, and beautiful overall. For more advice, reach out to your bathroom remodeling team, such as S.J.O. Corp.  They can show you images of other bathrooms they've created and help you choose the best materials to suit your aesthetic.