Tips For Designing A Kitchen That Is Easy To Clean

If you are about to remodel your kitchen, then you'll want to start by setting some goals for the remodel. Maybe you want to include more storage. Perhaps you want to give the space a more modern look. These are all good goals, but there is another one you'll want to consider, too: creating a kitchen that is easy to clean. The following are some top tips for designing an easily cleanable kitchen.

Put the trash bin close to the sink.

It's easy to make a mess when you're carrying wet things from the sink to the trash can. If you put the trash can near the sink, you'll leave fewer dribbles on the floor. You'll also have an easier time cleaning out the sink after washing dishes; you can just empty the catch basket straight into the trash can.

Keep light fixtures away from the range.

When you cook food on the range or stovetop, a certain amount of steam and greasy debris is released into the air. A good range hood will exhaust most of this, but if there are light fixtures near your stove, some grime might still accumulate on them. Light fixtures are hard to clean. So, design your kitchen with the light fixtures a bit further from the stove. You can still angle them towards the stove so you can see what you're doing while you cook.

Use larger tiles and thinner grout lines.

Grout is harder to keep clean than tile. So, the less grout you use in your kitchen design, the easier it will be to clean. Choosing large tile is one way to minimize grout. You can also have the grout lines made the minimum thickness.

Include a toe kick on your cabinets.

A toe kick is basically a long board that you place along the floor at the base of your cabinets. It prevents food debris and other gunk from getting under the cabinets. It's a lot easier to just vacuum or sweep along the toe kick since it is flat and smooth. You can do the same at the top of the cabinets. Have molding placed between the cabinets and ceiling so grime cannot accumulate on top of the cabinets.

With the ideas above, you should have an easier time designing a kitchen that is easy to keep clean. Reach out to a kitchen remodeling company near you to learn more.