4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Should Consider For Elderly Or Disabled Loved Ones

Remodeling a bathroom to accommodate your elderly or disabled loved ones better can be daunting. However, with thoughtful planning and the right materials, you can make your bathroom remodel project more accessible and comfortable for them. For instance, you could add walk-in showers, grab bars, and slip-resistant flooring. Consult a remodeling contractor for more ideas on making your bathroom a safe and pleasurable environment for your elderly or disabled loved ones. Here are four bathroom remodeling ideas you should consider.

Walk-In Showers

A walk-in shower is a safe and convenient way for seniors to bathe without the risk of slipping or falling. The shower floor should be made with non-slip materials, and grab bars can be installed on the walls for added safety. The shower should also have a comfortable seat that your loved one can use while bathing. Your contractor can customize the shower to meet your specific needs.

Install the Right Bathroom Design

Bathtubs are great additions to bathrooms for elderly and disabled loved ones. However, you should also consider installing a walk-in bathtub with built-in safety features such as handrails, a non-skid floor, and slip-resistant steps. The bathtub should also have an adjustable seat so your loved one can sit and soak in comfort. Your bathroom contractor can help you source the right bathtub for your needs.

Expand the Bathroom Space

Your bathroom should provide ample space for elderly or disabled family members to move around comfortably. If needed, you can remodel the bathroom to make it larger and add more amenities, such as a shower seat or additional countertop space. Your contractor can help you create an optimal bathroom layout for your loved one's needs. They can help you extend the bathroom space without compromising aesthetics.

Add Specialized Lighting

Good lighting is important in any room, especially in the bathroom. Poor lighting can make it difficult for elderly and disabled people to move around safely. You should consider adding specialized lighting fixtures that provide ample illumination in the room. Your contractor can help you choose the right fixtures for your bathroom to ensure safe and comfortable use.

By considering these four essential bathroom remodeling ideas, you can make your space more comfortable, safe, and accessible for your elderly or disabled loved ones. Consult a professional bathroom remodeling contractor for more ideas on how to make your remodel project a success. With the right design and materials, you can create a more pleasant environment for your elderly or disabled loved ones.