How To Plan A Bathroom Remodeling Project

The trick to making a bathroom remodeling project successful is thorough planning. You should know what you want to achieve with the space and share the ideas with your contractor.

Whether it is a top-to-bottom renovation or shower replacement, learn how to plan the project. Here's a quick overview of the direction the project should take.

Settling on a Budget

You should review your budget for the bathroom remodeling project before doing anything else. Decide the amount you can spare for the work comfortably. 

Find out how much bathroom remodels cost in your area when deciding on a budget. You can even check the pricing for specific projects like shower or tub installation.

Choosing a Contractor

Schedule a few consultation meetings with different contractors. As you do this, ensure their cost estimates or quick assessments are free. They should also give you a breakdown of their service fees.

Narrow your search for a bathroom remodeling company based on licensing and certifications. Also, check their customer reviews and whether they have a storefront in your area. Only settle on a contractor whose experience levels suit your project.

Deciding on Layout

After choosing a remodeler, involve them in the project's planning stages. Share with them your ideas on the specific areas the project should cover. If they are doable, you can choose a proper layout.

The layout of simple bathroom remodels mostly stays the same. You can choose to have some of the fixtures replaced with new ones. 

You can also rearrange everything to suit your dream bathroom or do a conversion. A common bathroom conversion is a shower-to-tub conversion. With this project, you can install a bath to replace an old shower.

Working on the Remodel Design

With a chosen layout, your contractor can work on the final design for the bathroom remodel. They can help you pick out attractive and functional bath products. These products include showers, bathtubs, toilets, and cabinets.

The design stage will focus on tile combinations and color choices. It also considers the accessories and fixtures you intend to install in the bathroom.

Scheduling Appointments

Lastly, you need to schedule appointments for the remodel. At this point, the remodeler may take more precise measurements of the bathroom's enclosures. They will also choose a convenient date for the work to commence.

The availability of your bath products will determine the speed of the project. Therefore, making an appointment when you already have these products is a good idea.

For more information on a bathroom renovation, contact a professional near you.