3 Features To Include When Designing A Multi-Use Kitchen

Designing a kitchen that accommodates your family can be more accessible when you include features that make the kitchen have multiple purposes. Instead of feeling disappointed with the layout or features in your kitchen, you can include features while remodeling that provide more functionality.

If you're unsure of what to include while remodeling your kitchen, look into what makes your kitchen have multiple purposes without physically expanding the space.

Spacious Island

Having ample seating for your family can be easier when you include an island that provides room for barstools. Having an island installed in the center of your kitchen can provide seating in the form of barstools and offer functionality with shelving and cabinetry underneath the counters. Looking into having a spacious island installed in the kitchen will dramatically change the look of your kitchen.

You'll have the option to choose between making the island a centerpiece of your kitchen or finding cabinetry and counters that match seamlessly into your kitchen.

In-Kitchen Pantry

An easy way to make your kitchen accessible for your family and add more functionality is to build an in-kitchen pantry. By having a pantry built in your kitchen, rather than in a hallway or another room, you won't have to leave the room in the middle of cooking. This can be preferable when you're entertaining guests or cooking with your family.

Finding the proper spot for a pantry to be built can take some time, making it wise to get a layout for your kitchen figured out well in advance. By designing your kitchen remodel with a pantry included, there won't be problems regarding storing food and other items in your kitchen.

Center Cooktop

A great benefit that comes with having an island in the center of your kitchen is the ability to have other features included as well. A center cooktop can be a fantastic choice since it makes it easy to see everyone sitting at the table and prevent your kitchen from feeling closed-off. By having the cooktop in the center, you won't be staring at a wall and can make your kitchen feel much more open.

If you've been eager to remodel your kitchen and want it to provide multiple functions, you'll need to be patient and see what makes the most sense for the kitchen. By including features to add more functionality to your kitchen, you can avoid a situation where your kitchen looks dated or is unable to accommodate your family. 

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