Three Options For The Ends Of Your New Kitchen Island

The addition of an island to your kitchen provides all sorts of extra space, including countertop space, storage space, and even seating space. If you're hiring a remodeling contractor to build you a custom island as part of a kitchen renovation, it's important to put lots of thought into the island's design to ensure that it suits your family's needs. One thing about a kitchen island that some people neglect to consider is how the ends will look. While it's common for the ends to be plain, you have the ability to get your contractor to pursue other options. Here are three ideas for the ends of your kitchen island. 

Open Shelving

Instead of having a flat end to your kitchen island that doesn't serve any purpose, consider having a row of open shelves in this space. Even if the shelves aren't very deep, they'll add extra storage space to your island and to the kitchen as a whole. Think about what you plan to store in this area, and then have your remodeling contractor build shelves in a size that suits your plans. For example, you might want the shelves to hold a number of medium-sized glass jars that you can fill with dry goods such as rice, beans, lentils, and more.

Wine Fridge

If you enjoy wine, the idea of having a small wine fridge in your kitchen can be exciting. Unfortunately, you might struggle with knowing where to place this appliance. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the island, you might be able to fit the wine fridge beneath the island. One option is for your kitchen contractor to build the end of the island so that a wine fridge fits in this space. In this position, your bottles of wine will always be easy to reach when you're in the kitchen.


For families with young children, it's common for the kids to play in and around the kitchen as the adults make meals. If this is a reality for your family, you might wish to devote one end of the island to your kids. A fun idea is to have your contractor finish the end of the island in blackboard paint. You can then keep a few pieces of chalk nearby for your kids. They'll have fun drawing on the blackboard but can also use it for educational purposes, such as practicing writing the letters of the alphabet. Contact a kitchen contractor to discuss these ideas for your new island.

Reach out to a kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more.