5 Tips To Create A Home Office Right In Your Kitchen

With more and more Americans working from home, the home office has turned from a luxury item to a necessity. But what if you don't have a room to use as a home office? One solution could be a room that's already intimately familiar and well-used: the kitchen. How might you add an office to your kitchen? Here are five tips to make it work.

1. Look for Underutilized Space. The best place to set up a small home office in the kitchen is in a so-called dead space. Dead space is corner, a wall, a niche, or an end that simply doesn't get much use on a regular basis. However, even if you have no actual dead space, look for underused areas of the kitchen. Often, the few tasks these spaces fulfill can be transferred to other spots. 

2. Customize With Cabinetry. The kitchen is a good place for an office setup because it's already filled with workspaces and kitchen cabinetry. Extend these into the office area with countertops, base cabinets, and upper cabinets if needed. However, the more you customize storage, the better you'll use this space. Use pull-out shelves, for instance, for a printer or desktop computer in order to save space. 

3. Use Angles to Add Privacy. Of course, a well-used kitchen may not feel like the most private office space. Use a few tricks to boost the feeling of privacy. Start with the right angle, where the office isn't in traffic paths or near the main cooking and prep areas. Angle the main workstation so you aren't looking directly into the kitchen's work areas. And use cabinets, shelves, or other structures to create a more private nook with a small wall or two. 

4. Add Practical Features. Every home office needs some practical elements. This includes good lighting, outlets, a comfortable position, charging stations, and a reasonably comfortable temperature. The kitchen usually starts out with many of these features, such as good overhead lighting, but take the time to ensure a very functional work environment. 

5. Use all Vertical Space. Most homeowners can't carve out a huge space for their kitchen office, so be savvy when using vertical space. Install upper cabinets to add more storage without using floor space. Hang corkboards, shelves, and whiteboards on the walls. Use hooks, under-shelf hangers, and magnets to utilize all available vertical space as well. 

Want more tips for creating a functional and enjoyable home office right in your kitchen? Start by meeting with a remodeling contractor in your area today. With their help, any homeowner can make a niche that serves them well for many years.