5 Ways To Make Your New Shower A Bathroom Centerpiece

The shower has evolved in recent years, going from a necessary function of the bathroom to a way to enjoy a spa-like treatment in your own home. As you remodel your shower, how can you elevate your shower to make it a centerpiece? Here are a few things to consider. 

1. Remove the Bathtub. Bathtubs are losing their popularity and becoming less necessary in many bathrooms. While most people should have at least one bathtub in the home, you may find that you can easily live without this particular tub. Use the extra space to widen and enhance the shower unit instead. 

2. Opt for Glass. Glass shower doors make stunning modern additions to the bathroom's style. They open up the space and make it feel fresh, larger, and airy. And because they allow the user to see and enjoy the shower in all its comfort and glory, this clear feature can actually draw more attention than things (like curtains and opaque doors) that users can more easily see. 

3. Choose a Great Floor. Flooring material in a large, open shower draws attention and sets it up as a spa environment. Wood floors are an excellent choice since they bring in nature to the room and differentiate the shower unit from the rest of the room. You might also splurge on beautiful tile or a colorful floor pattern. 

4. Add Color. Draw eyes to your shower space by giving it a bold accent color. Natural greens, relaxing blues, and vibrant reds can all be woven into the shower's different features to make it an artistic centerpiece. Use a fun color for the fixtures, an accent wall, trim, flooring, or built-in storage locations. Just be cautious about the overuse of strong hues. 

5. Install a Shower System. Today's shower systems offer more variety than just a single showerhead. Rain showers evoke calm relaxation with their wide, flat heads. You might want a shower system that sprays from both sides of the unit. Perhaps you'd like a large double shower with a bench. Or maybe a his-and-hers style will make everyone happy. This touch of class will make the whole space feel modern and luxurious. 

Ready to look at ways to turn your particular shower into a bathroom centerpiece? Whatever your budget, size limitations, or style, there's an option for you. Start by consulting with an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor in your area today. Together, you'll surely transform your bathroom. 

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