How To Determine If You Should Repair Or Replace A Window?

When there is a problem with your window, you'll have to decide whether you should repair or replace it. You can make this decision by looking at a handful of key factors.

The Severity of the Problem

If a window has a single mechanical issue, repairing it is likely the right solution. For example, it might have trouble staying up because its internal pulley system is broken.

Once you start seeing multiple problems, though, it may be time to replace the window. Generally, the more complex the solution is, even if there is only a single problem, the less likely you'll want to turn the job into a residential window repair project.

Age of the Window

There does come a point where you'll probably be technologically ahead and need to replace an older window. Advances in UV protection, insulation value, and reflectivity have made standard modern windows superior to all but the highest-end products from 20 or 30 years ago. If you're sure it has been a while since a new window went in, you may want to replace it.


Particularly if you're looking at problems with a single-window, you may not want to risk a replacement being a mismatch with the others in a room that has several. If you're having a hard time finding a match, a residential window repair contractor may be able to fix the existing one. Especially in older houses with highly stylistic windows, this can maintain the appearance of a room or the whole home.

Nature of the Project

If you're doing a remodel of a room or an entire house, there's a strong argument for replacing all the windows at once. You will guarantee that everything will match. Likewise, you can verify there won't be any insulation issues by having a professional do the work from the sill up. You can trust you'll have a solidly installed window that should provide decades of energy efficiency.

Wear and Tear

As a window ages, it will usually suffer some wear and tear from standard use. Eventually, this can lead to gaps, crookedness, and other problems that prevent a good fit. This will inhibit its mechanical function at some stage, and it also can undermine the efficiency of the window. You may want to replace a worn-out window rather than trying to make it work through a series of repairs. Even if you think the window looks amazing, there does come a point where it's better to use a new one.

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