3 Ways To Get More Storage In Your Kitchen

As someone who enjoys cooking at home, you may find yourself using all the storage space in your kitchen. Kitchenware, small appliances, pots, pans, cans, boxed goods, and ingredients are some of the things you may store using cabinets, countertops, drawers, and shelves. Running out of storage either leads to clutter or prevents you from getting new items and ingredients.

Hire remodelers to add more storage to your kitchen in several strategic ways.


Cabinetry along the walls in your kitchen is where you may get most of your storage. Depending on the room's layout, you can get even more storage with a new and improved cabinet setup.

An important part is to install new cabinets to fit in any empty space along the walls. A great example is the empty space above the existing cabinets because you can go all the way to the ceiling. Even if the cabinets are smaller than existing ones, you will still gain valuable storage.

Adding new cabinets is not the only way to increase kitchen storage capacity. Another strategy is to replace existing cabinets with deeper ones for a small increase in storage all around. You can also add cabinets to other parts of the kitchen as long as you have space to use.


A pantry is a perfect addition to bring to your kitchen because of how much storage it can provide. While any kind of pantry is helpful, you can get the most value with a walk-in pantry. This setup allows you to step into the pantry to grab anything you need from the floor to the ceiling. You can also install a variety of storage solutions to help you keep the pantry organized.


Some kitchens are either small, narrow, or limited in ways that an island cannot fit. However, you can add a custom island to your kitchen if you have some empty space. This addition is worth investing in because you can get valuable storage and other helpful features.

The countertop can house a cooktop, sink, and enough counter space to take care of all your food prep. However, you may be most excited about getting more storage. The area beneath the island is where you can get ample storage through cabinets, drawers, and shelves. You can prioritize the storage solutions you are most interested in and have them added to the island.

Getting more storage in your kitchen is as simple as remodeling the room. To start your remodel, contact a remodeling company in your area, such as Kirby Construction Company.