Everything You Didn’t Know About Composite Decking Materials for Decks and More

The composite lumber technology has changed over the years, and today there is more than can be done with it. Composite decking materials last longer now and give you a lot of options for decks and other outdoor projects. Here are the things that you didn't know about composite decking materials that you might be interested in knowing:

More Durable Than Ever Before

In the past, composite decking materials were vulnerable to wear and negative effects of exposure to sunlight and rain. Today, this has changed, and modern materials are more durable than ever before. Manufacturers use technology that makes these materials more resilient in outdoor conditions to ensure they do last longer than conventional wood decking. Even though these materials are more durable than older composites, you will still want to care for them by keeping them clean, and you might want to seal them for extra protection.

Stainable Wood Alternative

Homeowners often overlook the fact that modern composites are, in fact, stainable. The options for staining and giving composite decking color depend on the product that you use. You can stain many types of composites after they have been cleaned and prepared for painting or sealing. If you want to have the stain applied to the finish of decking materials, look for capped materials that have a factory finish, but remember that you won't be able to stain these later.

Uses Beyond the Surfaces of Decks

The surface of your decks is not the only area where you can use composites for outdoor projects. If you are doing other projects like building a fence, gate, or privacy screen for your patio, composite decking is a great choice for material and will match your deck. You can also use composite decking for various hardscaping projects, such as landscaping stairs, low retaining walls, or edging for raised gardens. This gives you flexibility for outdoor project designs that look great and enhance the appearance of your property.

Affordable Wood Alternative Outdoors

Another fact that often gets overlooked about composite lumber is that it is an affordable wood alternative. It usually costs less than treated pine materials, which are the least expensive wood decking materials. Composite decking is also a lot less costly than premium materials like cedar, oak, cypress, or tropical hardwood lumber.

When it comes to composite decking materials, there are a lot of things you can do. Contact a wood supplier, such as a Timbertech composite decking materials supplier, to get what you need for your deck and other outdoor projects.