Signs You Really Need A Full Kitchen Renovation

A full kitchen renovation is a pretty big project, and it can be a pretty expensive project, too. As such, many homeowners prefer to make little updates here and there, as needed, rather than fully remodeling their kitchen. But this is not always a feasible approach. There are definitely times when a full kitchen renovation is called for — such as the following.

Replacing one item will make it harder to replace another item later on.

This one is more easily explained with an example. Imagine your counter was deteriorating, so you decided to replace the counter. However, you had to put the new counter on top of old cabinets, which are on top of an old floor. Both the floor and the cabinets will need to be replaced in a few years, too, and the new ones may not be compatible with the counter you're installing. Instead of just replacing the counter and then having to buy a brand new counter again in a few years, you should consider a full remodel right now. It's less wasteful and easier in the long run. 

The walls need some attention.

If your kitchen walls have a lot of dings in them, or if you have old plaster that is peeling and chipping away, then it's probably time to remodel the whole kitchen. Sure, you could just replace the cabinets and counters, but the space would still look worn out with the old walls. And you don't want to work on the walls with brand new fixtures against them! If you do a full remodel, you can have everything moved out of the room. You can then fix the walls to perfection before rebuilding the kitchen.

You plan on selling your home soon.

You might be able to get by with just a new counter or some new cabinet doors. However, if you're thinking of selling your home soon, a worn-out kitchen will turn off a lot of buyers. Most home sellers get a good return on investment with a full kitchen renovation. In other words, the additional money you earn when selling the home should more than make up for the money you spend on the kitchen updates.

A full kitchen renovation can get expensive, but sometimes, it's best to spend the money and have things done right. Contact a kitchen renovation company near you to learn more about your options.