Ready To Change Your Bathroom? 2 Remodeling Tips To Keep In Mind

Your bathroom is the spot where you get ready and take care of yourself. It is a space that you spend a lot of time in. You want your bathroom design to increase the room's functionality and make the space feel more appealing. Keep the following tips in mind when starting a bathroom remodeling project.

Start With a Budget

When doing any remodeling project, you need to start with a budget. A bathroom may seem like a small space, but it can easily get expensive to remodel due to material and labor demands.

When setting up your bathroom remodeling budget, you need to consider the cost of materials and labor.

It is also essential to add some money into your budget for unexpected expenses. For example, if something is found to be out of code with the plumbing or wiring, that will have to be updated. Or if there is hidden water damage in your bathroom, it can be costly to clean that up.

You want your budget to allow you to meet your needs and have some wiggle room for emergency repairs.

Create a Layout

Second, you are going to want to create a layout for your bathroom. As you make your dream layout, keep in mind that moving items such as the toilet, sink, and shower can really drive up the cost of your remodeling project. Moving these items will require rearranging the plumbing to your bathroom, which can be costly. If your layout doesn't work, though, you are going to need to move things around.

As you create your layout, think about how you functionally will use your bathroom. You want to be able to move smoothly through your bathroom with your new layout. You can use 3-D rendering tools to help you think more freely about how you want your bathroom to look. These tools allow you to move things around and see how your changes will work in reality.  

Once you have an idea of what you are interested in, you will want to review your layout with your contractor. Your contractor will help you finalize your plans and let you know if they logistically make sense.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you will want to start by creating a budget with some wiggle room so you know how extensive your remodel can be. Then, you will want to create a layout and share it with your contractor to get the process started. Through consultation with your contractor, you can build a plan that works.