Creating An Easy-To-Clean Bathroom

Most people do not particularly enjoy cleaning the bathroom. This is important to keep in mind as you remodel your bathroom. Choosing the right materials and a smart design will help ensure your bathroom is easy to clean. The following are some tips you can incorporate in your bathroom remodel to create an easy-to-clean space.

Choose countertops with a matte finish.

For the counter around your bathroom sink, look for a material with a matte finish. This applies whether you choose granite, quartz, solid surface, or any other material. A matte finish won't start to look dirty as quickly as one with a shiny finish. Plus, you will be able to scrub a counter with a matte finish without worrying that you'll dull its look. When the counter is dirty, just giving it a scrub will be easier than trying to figure out what cleaner you can use to wipe it down.

Use epoxy grout with any tile.

If you will have tile in your bathroom design, make sure you use an epoxy grout between the tiles. These grouts have a smooth texture and are entirely waterproof. They won't hold into dirt and grime as easily as standard, sanded grout, and water will run right off them, which helps prevent mold growth. Epoxy grout can be wiped clean, whereas standard grout often has to be scrubbed.

Have baseboards and crown put around cabinets.

Most cabinets in the bathroom either go to the floor or go to the ceiling. For lower cabinets, you want to design them with a baseboard so that there is not a gap between the cabinet and the floor. That's because cleaning such a gap can take up a lot of time. For upper cabinets, make sure you include crown molding in the design. This way, dust won't accumulate on the top of the cabinets, making it one less space to clean.

Choose simple fixtures.

For your shower, sink, and even toilet, make sure you choose fixtures that are smooth and simple and that don't have any intricate carvings or details. This way, when it is time to clean, you can just give these fixtures a quick wipe rather than having to use a brush to get in a bunch of nooks and crannies.

The tips above will allow you to create an easy-to-clean bathroom. Make sure your contractor knows that ease of cleaning is one of your priorities before they begin designing your space. Contact a home bathroom remodeling service for more information.