Make Your Bathroom Easier To Clean By Hiring Remodelers

As a homeowner, you have an ongoing responsibility to clean the house regularly. While you may set aside time every week to clean different rooms and features, you may find that you are spending more time than you would like or working too hard to maintain cleanliness.

This can happen when certain rooms are equipped with features that are either hard to clean or easy to get dirty. If you notice that your bathroom is one of the culprits, you should work with remodelers to make improvements on some of the features that demand the most cleaning.

Vanity Top

If your vanity top happens to be made of tile, you may find yourself cleaning the tile itself as well as the grout in between. At times, you may notice that the grout gets dirty enough that you either need to invest in deep cleaning or replace it altogether. This makes it worth replacing the vanity top with another material that does not demand as much cleaning such as stone or laminate.

These smooth surfaces are perfect because you do not need to use multiple cleaning products and you can use the same process to clean the entire surface.


While cleaning the bathroom, you may find that the hardware can get quite dirty and pose quite a challenge to make spotless because of the grooves and indents. Replacing all the hardware such as the faucet, faucet handles, knobs, and pulls with simple designs will make them easier to clean.

If you want to take it a step further with the sink, you can pick up a touchless faucet that prevents anyone in your family from needing to touch the faucet or handles to wash their hands.


A framed shower may be something that you find in a lot of homes, especially older ones, but you should not hesitate to switch over to a frameless shower door setup. This is an ideal choice when you want to minimize cleaning because you will not have to worry about the frame at all.

Eliminating the need to use metal cleaner is as simple as getting rid of all metal on a shower door. This will also get rid of the shower track, which is one of the more difficult components to clean.

If you are willing to make these improvements to your bathroom, you can look forward to a much easier routine cleaning process. Reach out to a bath remodeling contractor, such as Morrison Kitchen & Bath-DIR for more information.