3 Signs Your Home’s Roof Is In Big Trouble

Getting ahead of home roofing problems is a critical part of preserving the value of your house. Dealing with these issues, though, is rarely cheap, and that's why most folks want to know for sure that they need roofing services before calling on professionals. Keep an eye out for the following three signs your home's roof is in big trouble.

Moss or Mildew Growing on It

When a roof is working as designed, water should not stay on it for very long. That applies whether you live in the driest desert or the tropics. If water is sticking around on your roof, it can encourage moss and mildew to grow. You'll see fuzzy, green stuff developing, especially around the edges of the shingles. Any such growth is a sign that your roof isn't drying off quickly enough to prevent problems, and you should have a professional look at it.

Saddlebacking and Water Collecting

These two problems tend to go together. A roof in good condition should have straight lines and no curvature. If the roof is starting to sink down, it can develop a saddleback. This is an indication that water is getting into the structures that support the roof, causing the wood to soften and bow under its own weight.

A similar problem can occur with the decking materials that shingles are attached to. The plywood gets saturated with water or rotted out, and the weight of the shingles starts pushing the compromised section down. It often looks like a small crater, although the dip may only become visible after rainstorms fill it with water.

Foundation Cracks and Wall Stains

It might seem a little strange for a roof's issues to show up on the opposite side of the structure, but there's a logic to it. Unsurprisingly, the culprit is once again water. When a roof is failing, water can find its way through walls and into the foundation. It may also leave stains on the foundation's walls or even the walls of other levels of the house. The water will invade the foundation, expand and contract as the temperature changes, and cause microfractures to pop open into visible cracks.

This isn't a foolproof sign of trouble, though. It's a good idea to verify that there aren't problems with the gutters. Also, the foundation may need a French drain installed to divert water away. It's still a good idea to check the roof just to be sure, even if you track the issue down to something else.

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