The Residential Window Replacement Guide For Energy Saving Renovations

When your home needs major renovations, window improvements might be first on the to-do-list. Replacement windows add real value to your home. There are many options for the type of windows to choose and improvements to invest in to get the energy savings you want from home renovations.

The different ways that you can begin saving with replacement windows include choosing the right glass and other improvements. You may want to use double-pane glass and add insulation around the casings to stop air leaks. The following guide to energy-efficient window replacement will help you get the more from your investment:

Evaluate Windows And Doors For Energy Loss

The windows and doors in your home already have problems that cause energy loss. It is a good idea to do an audit of the windows and doors to identify these problems. Make a list of problem areas, where replacement units are going to be installed, and where you are going to want to invest in additional improvements. The additional improvements will help stop energy loss so you can get more from your investment in replacement windows.

Begin Choosing The Window Styles For Energy Savings

There are many different window styles that you will want to choose from. You will want to look for windows that provide the most energy benefits for your home. These can be double-hung windows, low-E glass, or double-pane units. These types of windows will help give your home better energy savings when they are installed.

Consider Additional Improvements To Reduce Energy Loss

Sometimes, improvements are needed when replacing the windows. These improvements can include things like adding insulation around window openings. Check the casings for insulation in these areas. You may want to invest in additional insulation improvements to maximize the benefit of your replacement window investment.

Repair And Improve Windows That Are Not Replaced

Not every window in your home is going to need to be replaced. Additional improvements to windows and doors can also help reduce energy loss. These improvements can be as simple as adding window treatments or films to glass. They can also include features like roller shutters that provide energy savings and protection from the weather.

These are the things that you can do to get more out of your window replacement project. If you are ready to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of renovations, contact a residential window replacement contractor to begin planning the installation of new windows.