3 Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom To Minimize Cleaning

When you have free time at home, you may not want to spend a lot of time cleaning to enjoy living in a clean house. While this is something that you may currently find yourself doing, you can make all sorts of changes as the owner to minimize how much cleaning you need to do.

If you know that you are spending a lot of time in the main bathroom of your house, you should hire remodeling professionals and focus on making bathroom improvements.


A standard toilet will need to be cleaned on occasion, especially one that gets used on a regular basis by your family as well as your guests. While it may not take too long to scrub down the toilet on the inside and outside, you should consider making the switch to a smart toilet. This kind of toilet is worth getting because you can make sure to buy one with a self-cleaning feature.

While you will still need to clean the outside, you can look forward to the bowl being thoroughly cleaned by the toilet itself when you activate the cleaning feature. This will lead to noticeable time savings when you think of how many times you clean the toilet throughout a whole year.


Another bathroom feature that may get used on a daily basis is the shower, which makes it the perfect candidate for changing with intentions to minimize cleaning. Fortunately, you can make this happen by replacing the shower doors with frameless ones that do not have any tracks. Trying to clean the tracks is not an easy task because of the hard-to-reach corners and grooves.


Although you may like the appearance and durability of tile flooring in your bathroom, you can still enjoy a great level of durability with other flooring options. Replacing the existing floors with an option such as luxury vinyl is worth picking so that you can eliminate grout in the bathroom.

While the floor will still need to be cleaned, you will not have to worry about grout, which can become discolored and demand either deep cleaning or a new grout application altogether. You can get luxury vinyl in most colors and designs, which can help you minimize the need to clean with strategical choices.

By remodeling your bathroom with these particular projects in mind, you can look forward to reducing how much time you must put into cleaning the room. For more information, contact a bathroom remodeling service.