Bathroom Renovations And Replacing Tubs With Showers For A Safe, Spacious, And Modern Design

When you are ready to begin with renovations to the master bathroom in your home, you may be thinking that old designs and bathtubs can be cramped. Walk-in showers can be the perfect improvement for these remodeling projects to make your bathroom more spacious. Installing a shower can also be a good solution to make the space safer. The following bathroom renovation guide to replacing tubs with showers will help you with these safe, spacious improvements to your home.

Removing The Old Tub From Your Bathroom And Locating Plumbing Lines And Drains

Remove the old tub from your bathroom to begin the renovations and prepare to install the shower pan. If the tub cannot be removed through the window or door openings in your home, use a reciprocating saw to cut it into sections and remove it. Cut the tub into as many pieces as you need to be able to remove it easily.

 Once the tub is out of the bathroom, you will want to locate plumbing drain lines in the floor and the water lines of the plumbing fixtures. You will want to talk with the walk-in shower service about leaving as much of the plumbing in place as possible to prevent extra plumbing costs. Sometimes, there may be no other option but to move plumbing installations.

Deciding On The Type Of Walk-In Shower Installation To Do For The Design Of Your Bathroom Renovations

There are several types of walk-in showers that can be installed in your master bathroom. Some of the shower solutions that you will want to consider for your renovations include:

  • Prefabricated walk-in shower units
  • Custom shower pans and frameless glass
  • Open showers that are integrated into the entire bathroom

These are some of the different options that you may want to consider for the walk-in shower design for your renovations.

Adding Shower Niches, Seating, And Other Custom Features To Your Custom Walk-In Shower Installation

The shower you install in your home is going to need some custom features for your needs. Therefore, you may want to consider adding niches that will give you storage for hygiene products. In addition, you may want to have additional features for comfort and safety, such as a seat with an ergonomic design and handrails. These features will give your walk-in shower a custom design that accommodates all your needs.

Lighting, Shower Heads, And Fixtures That Can Be Added To The Design Of Your Walk-In Shower Installation

There are also showerheads and lighting that can be installed for the custom features in your shower. You may want to consider a showerhead that has massage and light therapy integrated into it. There are also options for overhead showerheads and lighting that can make your shower more relaxing. You can ask the walk-in shower installation service about automated and remote controls for these features that you are planning on adding to your shower.

These are some of the solutions that will help give your bathroom a more spacious and safer design by replacing the tub with a shower. If you are ready to begin renovations to your master bathroom, contact a walk-in shower installation service and talk to them about some of these ideas for your home.