2 Questions About Getting Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

Considering a kitchen remodel and want to upgrade your countertops? You're likely considering granite as one of the materials you want to go with. Here are some questions you likely have about owning granite countertops. 

Is Granite Considered A Durable Material?

Granite is a very strong natural stone, but the material is not impervious to damage. You can use granite for food preparation if you desire since you can cut directly on it without causing damage, but it may cause your knives to become dull as a result. It is also resistant to heat, so you can put a hot pot directly on the granite surface as well. However, one problem that people do not realize with granite counters is that they cannot withstand a lot of weight. 

You may have gotten into the habit of sitting on your old countertops or using them as a step stool to get to that high-up cabinet that is very difficult to reach. Doing this could cause the granite to crack. The material does not have any flexibility like other countertop materials, so too much pressure could cause a noticeable crack along the surface that will be hard to ignore. Just keep people off the countertops and you should be fine. 

Will Granite Countertops Require Maintenance? 

You may be used to having your old countertop material, which only requires that you wipe off the surface when it is dirty. Granite countertops are a little bit different because they do require some maintenance over the years. The most important thing that you will have to do is seal the surface since liquids can be absorbed into the porous granite material. This is problematic in a kitchen when you could have food waste that can grow bacteria or colored liquids that stain the surface.

A good way to test granite is by dripping some water on an area that will not be noticeable, such as underneath where a microwave is located. Watch the water and see what happens. Does the granite absorb the water, or does it rest on the surface? If the water rests on top, you know that it has a good seal on it. If the water is absorbed by the stone, then it needs to be resealed. Go to your local home improvement store and purchase a granite countertop sealer that can easily be applied to the surface. It will keep the stone in great condition for at least another year. 

To learn more, contact a place that supplies granite countertops.