5 Trendy Bathroom Design Ideas for a Modern-Style Home Makeover

If you are ready to start home renovations with a bathroom remodeling project, you want trendy designs that give you practical features and open spaces. There are a lot of current bathroom remodeling trends that can help you create a more personal and intimate space in your bathroom with custom features. The following five bathroom remodeling trends will help you give your bathroom a custom makeover with modern style.

1. Make the Bathroom Space Durable and Timeless

The space in your bathroom needs to be durable, trendy, and timeless. Therefore, you want to use materials for surfaces and finishes that are neutral and durable, like stone. Today, there are options like granite, marble, and synthetic stone materials that will give your bathroom a trendy design that will last for generations and still be in style.

2. Bring In Nature and Natural Light

There are also natural light features that you will want for the trendy design in your bathroom. Since this is an area where privacy is essential, you will want to consider options like higher windows and skylights that give you plenty of natural light without compromising the privacy and intimacy of your bathroom. In addition, when you have plenty of natural light, this also gives you options for natural design features like large planters with indoor garden spaces.

3. Add Warmth to The Bathroom Design

There are also natural color tones that you will want to consider adding to the design of your bathroom. One of the best materials for this type of trendy bathroom remodeling design is wood. The natural wood grain and color tones will help create a warm and cozy space for the design of your bathroom. Synthetic materials and natural tropical hardwoods are the best materials to use to give your bathroom wood design features.

4. Take Advantage of Bathroom Space

It is also a good idea to take advantage of the space in your bathroom, which can be difficult with bathtubs and older floorplans. Therefore, you will want to consider a custom walk-in shower for a trendy bathroom design. Use frameless glass to make these features open to the rest of the floor space in the bathroom. You may want to take space from adjacent rooms in your home to create a larger shower and add more floor space.

5. Help Save Energy and More

Lighting and technology are also important components of a modern and trendy bathroom remodeling project. First, you want to have plenty of natural light, as well as energy-efficient, LED lighting for vanities, the main bathroom floor space, and shower areas. For technology, you may want to consider light therapy for the shower, mirrors that display news and weather in the morning, and automation for things like sink and shower plumbing fixtures.

These are some of the features that you will want to consider to makeover your bathroom with modern features and style. If you are ready to start renovations for your home, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor to start designing your project.