4 Unique Features to Consider Adding to the Bathroom

A bathroom with standard features may satisfy your family's needs, but this does not mean that you should stop there because you could add new features or improve existing ones. If you want your bathroom to look unique and function in desirable ways, you should invest in remodeling.

If you want to add unique features during your bathroom remodeling project, you should consider these possibilities.

Touchless Faucet

When you want to use the sink, you need to use the faucet handles to turn on the water and adjust them until you are satisfied with the water temperature. While you may not mind the process involved with turning the water on, you can make it easier by adding a touchless faucet.

This will allow you to find a water temperature that is warm enough to help you wash your face and hands effectively without being too hot for your family and guests to use. Then, all you must do to get the water flowing is to put your hands beneath the faucet where a sensor is located.

Smart Toilet

If you want to make the bathroom experience much better for your family, you should not pass up on adding a smart toilet to the space. This feature is exceptional because of its ability to provide you with an extra thorough cleaning without you having to do much of anything.

While every smart toilet will have a bidet feature that provides cleaning after using the bathroom, you may also want a drying feature. This is worth prioritizing when you want to minimize how much toilet paper you use as the dryer will reduce or eliminate the need to use any at all.

Linear Drains

As for the shower, you may want to switch over to linear drains that provide improved drainage. While a standard drain can start having trouble when too much hair or soap scum gets stuck, you will find that linear drains are long with wide openings for water to go through quickly and easily.

Clawfoot Tub

When you look around at different homes, you may not find a clawfoot tub in many at all. This particular tub is one that you may find in vintage homes and movies. Adding this tub is worth considering because it gives you so much flexibility in deciding where it goes in the bathroom.

Another advantage of a clawfoot tub is being able to get one that is deep enough to soak in all the way, which will allow you to get completely comfortable.