Are You Designing A Small Retirement Home?

Have you decided that you want to simplify your life now that you are in your retirement years? Maybe you've been waiting for the time when you and your spouse can travel to faraway places and visit your married children and your grandkids. Simplifying your life might mean that you've decided to move out of your large home and into a smaller home. Do you already know exactly what you want in your retirement home? If you're still looking for some help to make it just what you want, read on for some ideas that could make a difference.

Think Of Your Lifestyle And Design With That In Mind

For example, if you don't want to spend a lot of time taking care of a yard, you'll probably want only a small garden that won't need much attention. But, there's more to consider.

  1. If you love to cook and bake, you'll probably want a kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment in it.
  2. Maybe you enjoy outdoor entertaining more than formal meals in a dining room. If that's the case, don't even include a dining room in your floor plan.
  3. Make your kitchen an inviting place to entertain your friends, maybe even making the kitchen a bit formal.
  4. Of course, you'll want a master bedroom. But, how many other sleeping areas will you need? For instance, could one room count as both a guest room and a sewing room?
  5. Since you want a smaller home, you might not have both a family room and a formal living room. Think of your focus. Will you want to create a rustic look with the addition of a stone fireplace, or will you want an elegant look with a formal fireplace?

Your Next Step Is To Meet With A Home Construction Professional

Once you chose your custom home construction company, you'll have a person who has the experience to polish your ideas.

  1. For instance, when the builder learns that you love to entertain outdoors, he or she might suggest that you include a small patio with an outdoor kitchen on it.
  2. If you have told the builder that you expect your grandchildren to have sleepovers often, he or she might suggest that you include a sleeping loft with a small bathroom as part of the loft's design. 
  3. Even though you might be retired, perhaps you'll have a small business to keep earning money during your retirement years. If that's the case, the builder might design the house with a small office as part of the floor plan.
  4. Do you have a large collection of books? If so, the room you choose as your main living area might include floor-to-ceiling shelves.
  5. Maybe you love to work on art projects. If so, the builder might suggest that you have a skylight as part of the kitchen ceiling in order for you to have excellent lighting.

Think of keeping an accordion folder where you can keep notes of ideas you come up with. Include pictures you've cut out from decorating magazines. When it's time to meet with your builder, that folder might come in very handy.

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