Beyond Shaker And Quaker: Unique Cabinet Face Options

When you think of cabinet door faces, what comes to mind? Shaker-style, Quaker-style, and other raised panel doors are quite popular, and some homeowners choose flat-panel doors for a more modern look. All of these options have their place and can look nice, but what if you want to branch out a little? In that case, you should consider these less-popular but pretty awesome cabinet door face options.


Louvered doors basically consist of horizontal slats stacked one on top of the other. The slats can be thin or thick. Thinner ones create a busier appearance, whereas thicker ones have a more minimalist look. Louvered doors are nice to include if you want your cabinets to call a lot of attention to themselves and be one of the busier elements of your kitchen. The one downside is that they can be a lot to clean; dust can settle in the slats.


You've probably seen lattice used as a decorative element outside; it is often seen around the outside of porches or decks. Lattice consists of thin slats of wood placed crosswise over each other, creating a grid-like pattern. This does mean that your cabinet doors would not be fully enclosed. There would be some airflow between the lattice pieces of the grid. However, lattice can lend a very rustic, country look to the space.

Open Frame

Do you like the idea of being able to see what is inside your cabinets, but find open shelving a bit too open? If so, open-face cabinet doors might be a good option for you. These doors basically consist of a four-sided frame, just like a Shaker-style cabinet door would, but there is no center panel — the area in the center is just open. Open frame cabinets have a very simple appearance and let you show off things like nice teapots and pretty dishes.

Vertical Slat

Another option is cabinet door faces constructed from vertical slats of wood. These are like louvered doors, but the slats go up and down, rather than side to side. Vertical slat cabinet door faces can make a small kitchen feel larger since they draw the eye upward. They do call a lot of attention to themselves, so they work well in kitchens where the design is otherwise simple.

Talk to a custom cabinet maker in your area, like Sarasota  Cabinetry Inc,  to learn more about the unique cabinet door face options discussed above.